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Christians coming together.
This community is a safe forum for Christians to get together, encourage and be encouraged, discuss issues, and to make friends.

This is your opportunity to encourage and obtain advice from many fellow believers.

Don't come crying to us if you were banned for violating a rule stated in the user info. The "I didn't know it was in the user info therefore I shouldn't be banned" complaint doesn't cut it. It's not our fault you were lazy. :) And if these rules are too difficult for you to follow or you can't follow what the mods say (whether stated above or elsewhere), Click here

Who we are

As Jesus freaks we claim that in spite of crusades, burning of witches, boring church services, TV preachers who rake in money, and all the pseudo-religious affectation, there is something true and very wonderful behind the story about Jesus!

To be honest we even believe that there isn´t anything better in this whole world than to live with Jesus. Relationship with Him is the meaning of life! The important thing is that neither religion, nor any kind of wisdom or rules for life are what it's about, but a personal relationship with the creator of this earth. Jesus lived on this earth as the son of God. He died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead, and is now seated at the right hand of God and is the only one who can close the gap between God and us today. Jesus is the way to God, because He is God. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the bible testifies to this. We believe the bible is the written Word of God, written by men, inspired by God, and nothing can be added or taken from it.

We experience that the words of the bible have extraordinary power, and that its statements about life and God are absolutely true. God introduces himself to people, and shows His unique plan for mankind and very individual.

We believe that He turned particularly to the outcast and poor, to those who do not fit the values of our society. As Jesus freaks we want to live as Jesus did; he is our example. Everybody can come as they are, no matter which social background they come from.

It is not our aim to entertain people or to improve their lot but to introduce many to the resurrected Jesus.

Our vision is to see our generations stand up for Jesus all over the world, because living with Jesus is the most cool, compelling, intense and exciting thing of all.

We like to see other churches, better described as groups of Christians, who have Jesus at their center. We regard all Christians as a big family. Every church that focuses on Jesus and every Christian is special and has a mission from God - and we want to carry out ours!

We are not ashamed of being labeled Jesus freaks, because we know Jesus is Truth.

Here what some of our members want to say :

Jesus Loves YOU - camdinosar

I´m really excited because God has been speaking to me about our idenitity in Christ for months! We can claim God's Word as infallible truth and have complete confidence in what He has promised.

We are children of God as written in John 1:12;
We have been justified through faith in Jesus Christ as Romans 5:1 testifies;
We are saints, no different to the Jesus freaks in the church in Turkey ±2000 years ago in Ephesians 1:1;
We are born of God and the evil one cannot touch us (1 John 5:18);
We are salt and light (Matt 5:13-14);
We have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit for His glory (John 15:16); and
We have been given Christ's authority over the Evil One (Luke 10:19)
We believe Jesus is our Savior, Redeemer and Advocate who sits at the right hand of God. (Acts 5:31)

Jesus came to set fire to the earth, and to proclaim the truth to those who would listen, that He was the Son of God, coming to redeem mankind from their fallen state by sacrificing Himself. (Luke 12:49-53)(John 3:15-16)(John 16:33-38).

Jesus IS the supreme example of how to live on this earth, worthy of our time, study, and life application (with the help of the Holy Spirit through Christ)! I owe Him my life for what He did so I can have a relationship with God and carry out His good work in this world :) – beseroo

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13
He is the one giving us the strength to do great things in his name. – postage_paid

Amen! And Amen!
In Christs Love
writes4christ, paul1149, dantheman0238
and many more. Thank you all for your comments in shaping this "lj userinfo".

If you are a person who believes in Jesus, God has made over 3000 promises concerning you. They are all in the bible. Read it, asking God to open your heart and give you understanding. Know who you are. Find answers to the meaning of life, the universe & everything.

No matter how you may feel, here are the 1st 20 descriptions of who you are in Christ:

1 You are able - Philippians 4:13
2 You are abounding in grace - 2 Corinthians 9:8
3 You are abounding in hope - Romans 15:4, 13
4 You are Abraham's offspring - Galatians 3:29
5 You are abundant - John 10:10

6 You are accepted - Ephesians 1:6
7 You have access - Ephesians 2:18
8 You are adequate - 2 Corinthians 3:5
9 You are adopted - Ephesians 1:5
10 You are alive - Ephesians 2:4-5

11 You are an ambassador for Christ - 2 Corinthians 5:20
12 You are anointed - 1 John 2:20
13 You are anxious for nothing - Philippians 4:6
14 You are the apple of His eye - Zechariah 2:8
15 You are appointed by God - John 15:16

16 You are the aroma of Christ - 2 Corinthians 2:15
17 You are not ashamed - 2 Timothy 1:12
18 You are assured of reward - 1 Corinthians 15:58
19 You are assured of success - Proverbs 16:3
20 You have authority over the devil - Luke 9:1

If you want to see the full list, please click here.

To Jesus, the Lamb of God, be the honour, glory and power forever and ever Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

WHO CAN JOIN? It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, just so long as if you are not you are open to learning more about Jesus. HOWEVER, membership is moderated. We do not usually approve journals that have been recently created, nor journals that have little activity, nor journals that are locked. If you get rejected look at your journal. When was it created? How many friends do you have? How many comments have you made/received? THINK, make some friends, get your journal activity up, make it able to be checked by mods then try again.

Bannable offenses: The following acts will get you banned without question.

1) Swearing

2) Deleting your comments - for reasons OTHER than grammar, HTML fail, or a double post. (Members WILL call you out, don't expect to get off with making a blanket generalization and expect people to not call you on it.)

3) Deleting another member's comment in your post. Just don't do it.

4) Trolling. By all means, keep conversation to a civil discourse. That means do consider who is reading the entry or entries. If your comments are that annoying that we think you're trolling, you're banned. We don't have time to sort out who's a "genuine" user and who isn't. If it's obvious from your profile that you're just here to be rude and start trouble, you're gone. Just having an unpopular opinion does not make you a troll. Respect other members. That includes the moderators.

5) If of another religion or lack of one, do not disrespect our faith. No prejudiced entries/replies. Also consider that some icons are not appropriate for the community posts containing the indecent/inappropriate icons will also be deleted.

6) Taking a conflict anywhere else - other communities, private journals, screen names, phone numbers, places of worship - earns you little else than an eyeroll and a quick ban. And when we say ban, we mean make it so you can never join ever again...ever.

Other posting guidelines:

Please do not direct people to post replies elsewhere. If you want comments going to a certain place, please express that in the entry. If it occurs, the moderator(s) have the right to delete the post.

Limit "cross-posting" unless it's your personal journal or for prayer requests.

Prayer requests are encouraged! We should get into the habit of praying for one another.

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Do not promote your community. That's what community_promo is for.

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Mod Posts are posted periodically; if you have questions, comments or concerns about the community, address them via replying to the Mod Post or through mail.

Speaking of the Mods, here they are!

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